Ipv6… The way forward!


IPv6 Conference

December 14th 2010 – Ghent, Belgium

The main goals of this conference under the Belgian Presidency organised by The Information Society and Media Directorate General

of the European Commission  are to:

  • Evaluate the deployment of IPv6 in Europe as well as globally  in the world,
  • Plan the new actions needed for wider IPv6 adoption, such as encouraging public administration, users and industrial stakeholders to take decisive steps to accelerate the implementation of IPv6.

The event will also take stock of the action plan of the Communication “Advancing the Internet action plan for the deployment of Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) in Europe” which was launched in May 2008. The above mentioned goals are to ensure Europe’s readiness to face the expected total depletion of the IPv4 addresses by February 2011.

The IPv6 conference in Ghent will involve several key stakeholders including representatives from public authorities, telecom operators, Internet Service Providers, as well as other relevant industry in the Information and Communication technologies, large institutions that use  and depend on Internet and policy makers.

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