Ipv6 Curricula

IPv6 – The way forward!

14 December 2010 – Gent, Belgium

Agenda of the IPv6 curricula session – 13:30-15:00


IPv6 is a cornerstone of the Future Internet. Europe has been playing a key role up to now on the worldwide scene, but is more and more challenged by countries such as the USA, China, Korea and Japan. To ensure both business continuity of the European industry and to get benefits from IPv6 added technologies, the 2008 European Commission (EC) Communication, in its action plan, requested that by 2010, 25% of the users should be able to connect to IPv6. Based on the deployment level as perceived today, this target is still not achieved and pressure for migration may rise in the coming months while IPv4 addresses pool is drying out.

In order to evaluate the situation in Europe to get prepared to face the IPv6 deployment and to adjust the governmental actions linked to the IPv6 training requirements, a study has been commissioned by the European Commission with the objective to identify the main actors in all sectors and the processes related to the training and dissemination of the new protocol IPv6 and provide mechanisms, incentives and best practices that can help in deploying this new technology efficiently and timely. This is the “IPv6 Curricula” study launched in 2009.

The study, assigned to inno has its own website.

Session overview

This workshop will start with a presentation of results obtained in the framework of the IPv6 curricula study, including recommendations to be made in order to enhance IPv6 skills in Europe. This will be followed by presentations from two training providers, highlighting evolution of IPv6 trainings and giving feedbacks and tips on 10 years of IPv6 trainings.

The session will end up with Q&A.


  • Fabrice Clari, inno
  • Bruno Stevant, Telecom Bretagne
  • Silvia Hagen, Sunny Connection AG

Session program

  • Welcome (Fabrice Clari)
  • IPv6 curricula study and recommendations (Fabrice Clari)
  • Evolution of IPv6 trainings (Bruno Stevant)
  • Important topics in IPv6 training (Silvia Hagen)
  • Q&A
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