IPv6 Security

Agenda of the IPv6 security session – 14:00-15:30


Session overview

This workshop will start with a presentation of results of a study that was conducted for the European Commission on IPv6 and security. This will be followed by presentations from a technology provider who will focus on the security issues related to IPv6. The last presentation will be done by an organisation that has implemented IPv6 and it will share its experiences with the focus on security. At the end of the session, there is a Q&A.


  • Wolfgang Fritsche, IABG
  • Eric Vyncke, Cisco
  • Carmelo Zaccone, Agence Wallonne des Télécommunications

Session program

  • Welcome (Wout van Wijk)
  • IPv6 security study[1] and recommendations (Wolfgang Fritsche)
  • IPv6 and security from a technology provider’s point of view (Eric Vyncke)
  • IPv6 and security from a user’s point of view (Carmelo Zaccone)
  • Q&A


[1] IPv6 security models and dual-stack (IPv6/IPv4) implications: Study report

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