Leo Vegoda

Leo Vegoda, Operational Excellence Officer – IANA

Leo Vegoda is the Manager, Number Resources. In that capacity he develops and maintains working relationships with the five RIRs and their respective communities; supports policy development with analysis of technical considerations; and supports IANA operations with RIR-related technical and communications issues. Leo is currently reviewing the IANA IPv4 registry.

Leo joined ICANN in November 2006 after working for over six and half years at the RIPE NCC in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where he ran the Registration Services department. Leo was responsible for the level of service provided to the NCC’s four and half thousand members and was involved in formalizing the RIPE community’s Policy Development Procedure.

Before working at the RIPE NCC, Leo worked for Demon Internet and Level (3) Communications in London, England. Leo holds a degree in Government from the University of Central England — Birmingham, England.

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