Mircea Pisica


As customers introduce IPv6 into their networks, they will naturally look for Service Providers that can support their IPv6 needs.  This has already happened from certain BT customers and will become commonplace from customers in the coming years as they bid to renew contracts.


Mircea Pisica has started his IP networking experience in late 1980 as support engineer on Infolan Global IP Network at Infonet Services Corporation. During 1995 -2005 he has been design engineer at Infonet developing MPLS global backbone and associated services ( VPN, QoS, Multicast). From 2006 till now he is acting as IP and Data Architect for 21CN Global MPLS Backbone. He is involved on Route-Reflector scalability, IPv6, Traffic-Engineer, Applications Optimization design activities.

Mircea Pisica is IP and Data Architect of the BT’s 21CN Global Networks and Computing Infrastructure in BT Innovate and Design group. His current interests are scalability and convergence of the signalling and routing protocols. He also is investigating with vendors green networking initiatives or deploying innovative networking technology powered by OpenFlow standard protocol.

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