Onur Bektas

Presentation abstract

TÜBİTAK ULAKBİM, who is managing National Academic Network (ULAKNET) in Turkey, has been IPv6 enabled since 2003.  IPv6 Forum Turkey was established by  ICTA (Turkish Information and Communication Technologies Authority)  in 2007 and became a member of IPv6 Forum International in 2010.  IPv6 Forum Turkey set up economy, education, management, technical working groups with members from universities, government institutions, Internet Service Providers and nongovernmental organizations.  As a result of these efforts,  “Design of National IPv6 Infrastructure and Transition to IPv6 Protocol”  project started in February 2009 and it will run for two years.  The project is funded by TUBITAK (The Scientific & Technological Research Council of Turkey) and carried out under the coordination of ULAKBİM with the participation of Gazi University, Çanakkale 18 Mart University and Turkish Information and Communications Technologies Authority in the scope of Turkish Research Area Budget. The project aims to draw a roadmap for the IPv6 transition process for Turkey.  The ministry of transport and communication is also interested in the outcomes of the project.  In July 2009 E-Transformation Turkey Executive Board’s,  which is the highest level of scientific policy maker in Turkey,   give  ICTA the missions of raising awareness, preparing a road map and to develop measures and policy proposals regarding the transition to IPv6 with collaboration of all related stakeholders.  Currently 29 Turkish ISPs now have IPv6 blocks from RIPE, but only four of those ISPs currently have visible IPv6 routes in the global routing table. 


Onur BEKTAŞ is a senior researcher in Network Technologies Department of the  Turkish Academic Network and Information Centre (ULAKBIM). Established in  1996, ULAKBIM manages Turkish National Academic Network (ULAKNET).  Onur has  ten years of experience in UNIX and network administration. He was  responsible for establishing the ULAKNET IPv6 Task force and also has been  actively involved in the establishment of National IPv6 Research and  Development Platform (IPv6-GO).  His research interests include operating  system security, IPv6 networks and network security.

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